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WARNING: This is a whining post!

I’m about 18.5 weeks along now and seriously starting to show. I’m in that awkward stage where you can’t tell if I’m pregnant or if I just drank way too much beer over Halloween weekend. None of my pants fit but maternity pants are too big still, as are maternity shirts. So I’m wearing maternity pants that are too large around my upper thigh area so I need to wear shirts that cover that area up but I only have about 3 shirts that are long enough. So basically I have three outfits in rotation until my belly is large enough to fill out these pants.

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Let’s talk about the aches and pains:

  1. Sciatica. Lord, have mercy! I had super mild and occasional sciatica pre-pregnancy and boy do I wish I had that back. For the past 7.5 weeks my sciatica has been so bad I pretty much always have a limp and by the evening walking is out of the question almost entirely. Epsom salt baths do nothing to ease the pain. Yoga stretches do nothing to ease the pain. The only thing that has somewhat worked are the wonderful gift from my mother-in-law of some recovery shoes by Oofos. Seriously, if you have ANY type of back pain go buy these. And I don’t want to hear you compare them to Crocs. These are absolutely nothing like Crocs. At all. Crocs are not recovery shoes, they are merely waterproof comfortable clogs.

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  2. Pelvic pressure. This is a relatively new pain that I know is only going to get worse. Thankfully it’s only bad in the evenings (so far) and I know as I get bigger I can invest in a belly band that’s made to help alleviate some of the pressure.
  3. Spinal pain. This one is weird and only began about a week ago. Basically it feels like my spine is totally compressed, so much so that it’s bruising itself. Does that make sense? I then twist my body and lengthen the spine which usually pops it but it’s only about a 30 second fix. I suppose that this is due to my ligaments getting softer to allow for my bones to readjust to carrying a human inside my body.

That’s about it these days but between all three of those bodily aches and pains I’m basically in pain all over all the time.

But that’s okay. Really, I’m actually secretly loving it. My dream is coming true. I’m experiencing growing a human inside myself! This is the coolest thing ever and when you think about it, I’m actually surprised I’m not experiencing more pain. I imagined it would be equal to a human turning into a werewolf like they show in the movies.

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I’ll take these physical aches and pains any day over the first trimester morning sickness (more like all day sickness) and all the many food aversions. Now I can eat whenever and whatever I want and have no fear of nausea or vomiting…that was the worse. My migraines have also decreased and although I’m dream a lot more and still peeing a bunch in the night I sleep a lot sounder than I used to and I’m not dealing with insomnia anymore. This is good because it means I can get through a whole work day without having to leave early or take a nap break.

I’m really thrilled to be pregnant during the cold winter months of Taos. All I really want to do with my days are bake and craft. I taught myself how to knit. It’s a fun little thing I can do with my hands anywhere to keep busy. However, it takes FOREVER to make any progress. I had no idea knitting took so long, no wonder sweaters are so expensive.

My plans for tonight? Bake a pumpkin pie and clean the house (after a nap, of course).


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