an ode to a husband

Let me (try to) take a time out from myself and talk about my husband.

He’s kinda the man.

I don’t know if he knows it or feels it because I’m pretty much always irritated these days but I see what he does and I’m impressed (but usually too irritated to tell him in person). Maybe he can just read this and know that even tho I’m pouting or snapping at him or ignoring him or crying he should not take it personally, 99.1% of the time it has nothing to do with him.

This guy cheerfully puts up with my mood swings and irritations like a champ. While he has massive shoulder pains from an ancient injury he still offers to rub my back. While he has a sore throat and bodily aches from an impending cold he still offers to make me dinner. He works 8-4 five days in a row and still walks the dog, starts a fire, splits logs, and offers to do more because I “don’t ask for help enough.”

He sees I’m pregnant and struggling to do all the things I used to do and also struggling to ask for help because it’s hard for me to admit I can’t still do it all. He gets upset at me for not putting more on his plate to clear my own because everything is so much harder for me now than ever before.

I struggle with feeling like he already does so much to help me, physically, that I shouldn’t ask for anything more of him…but he genuinely wants me to because he sees me struggling and he genuinely loves me, and the child I am growing for us.

I’ve never known a man to have as much respect for women and our power and what we do and go through as this man does. It’s my job to remember to not take that for granted, ever.

I know it’s not easy for him. I know he’s in chronic pain around the clock. I know he’s physically beat because his job is so physically demanding and then he comes home and has to do all the physical work that I no longer can, even while he’s tired, exhausted, and in pain…and he does it without complaint. He never complains about having to do the things I ask him to do, he’s always willing. That is something to admire.

So, I’m thankful I ended up married to someone who genuinely loves and honors me and is willing and happy to do all the work needed to keep our lives flowing.

I promise I won’t always be so bitchy…


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