pregnancy update: 28.5 weeks

How far along: 28.5 weeks…officially in the third trimester.

Weight gain: 19 lbs!!!! (The trend lately seems to be about 2 lbs per week)

Sleep: Never enough. I’ve been “sleeping” about 9-11 hrs per night but it’s hard getting comfortable and every position change wakes me up. Peeing about 2-3 times a night. Lots of wild dreams. I’ve been napping every day. On days I work til 4 I nap from 5-6:30ish. On days off I usually end up taking about 4-5 thirty minute naps throughout the day.

Highs of the week:

  • Been seeing Jonathan more now that we’re not house/pet-sitting for our friend.
  • Feeling extra productive by staying on top of cleaning so it doesn’t get out of control and wear me out.
  • Made the best. soup. ever. Will post recipe in the next couple days.
  • Had my biweekly midwife appointment and was told I’m super healthy in all areas, as is baby boy who is measuring right on time, to the day.
  • Had a great day off with Jonathan last Saturday which was sooooooo needed.
  • It hasn’t snowed! (yes, that’s a high for me)

Lows of the week:

  • General exhaustion. Feeling weaker than ever before in my life. Feeling useless in most aspects and having to actively look for things I can still do that make me feel productive without pain.

Baby movement:

He’s still moving all the time but I feel it a lot more and it’s not always pleasant. He kicks and punches a lot – sometimes my ribs and bladder at the same time, like he’s stretching out. His movement are now getting uncomfortable enough that they are actually waking me from my sleep and making it difficult to rest easy. I still love it tho, in spite of the discomfort. It’s pretty much the most alien and cool thing I’ve ever experienced.

Food cravings:

Just sweets still. Always with the sweets. Dessert. Dessert. Dessert. At this present moment I could really go for some cake…and I don’t generally like cake…

Labor signs:

Tons of braxton hicks contractions, some are actually painful. When I get them it’s about 3/hr and always after a super active day.

Overall mood:

Hahaha. Who’s to say from one moment to the next. In any given hour I will feel full of excitement, totally overwhelmed, madly in love with Jonathan, totally irritated by humans and animals – including Jonathan, depressed and weepy, super affectionate, and totally pissed off. I feel for Jonathan…my moods are definitely putting him through the ringer.

Looking forward to:

Nesting. I’m so ready to start getting all my baby stuff and organizing everything.

I won’t be having a baby shower because most of our friends and family are all over the country so it’ll be just a Facebook group page with updates and virtual games and stuff with a link to our baby registry. I’m looking forward to getting all that going with a friend hosting it.

Also super looking forward to my sister having her baby number 2 any day now!!!


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