pregnancy update 30.5 weeks


How far along: 30.5 weeks. Just 9.5 weeks to go if he comes on time!

Weight gain: 21.5 lbs

Sleep: I sleep the most from 10:30-3:30 then I’m wide awake, usually with a gallbladder attack (more on that later), then finally pass back out around 6:30 only to get up at 7:30. I try to nap early evening but it’s usually futile.

Highs of the week: Got the crib! And put it together and in place. Finally feeling like a baby will be living with us soon. Got an amazing doula who is a total God send for me. Baby made his way to the head down position several days ago and has stayed put, I know because he keeps hiccuping down there while wiggling his cute butt into my…gallbladder.

Lows of the week: Where to begin? I’m so tiny I have so many issues with my body carrying this baby. I’ve been experiencing really bad pain in my lower right rib cage that is nauseating and lingering. Really bad. Also, really sharp stabbing pain between my rib cage in the center where it meets. After lots of doctor visits, radiology scans, and blood work (that left a giant bruise for a week…weird…) it turns out my right rib pain is because I have gallstones again and the growing uterus is pushing hard on it causing me to have long painful gallbladder attacks. Of course there’s nothing to be done while pregnant except eat a gallbladder friendly diet…which I’ve been doing since my first attack 5 years ago. I’ve about had it with this gallbladder and I’m getting pretty close to deciding to have it surgically removed after the baby is born. This pain in spite of my efforts is too much. Now thanks to the pregnancy I’m having gallbladder attacks literally every afternoon/evening and in the middle of every night. As for the pain in the middle of my rib cage: it’s breaking open! Yay! I’m seeing a physical therapist twice a week for my sciatica and pelvic pains and she said the same thing happened to her. It happens with narrow rib cages. They have to expand 3-4 cm during pregnancy but mine can’t take it so it’s cracking open. Fun stuff. I also found out I have scoliosis and my whole body is pretty twisted and deformed. My physical therapist feels confident she can get it realigned close to normal, though, by the time the baby comes.

Baby movement: His movements are finally slowing down and not as aggressive now that he’s getting bigger in there. Just light bumps and rubs plus the hiccuping. I’m so glad, too, because before he felt like he was doing somersaults around the clock and it was pretty painful at times.

Food cravings: Different all the time. Last night it was pickled beets. Today it was chicken salad.

Labor signs: Nope. Thank God.

Overall mood: Mornings I’m cheerful and optimistic and think clearly, but from 1:30pm until 7:30am I want to cry out in pain and it’s hard to think clearly about anything, or be happy and cheerful. More often than not I feel anxious and stressed because my pain is so bad and debilitating and I can’t do anything about it but I also can’t focus on anything else so I’m dependent on my husband who is also in his own pain and pretty damn tired when he’s off work that between the two of us nothing ever gets done.

Looking forward to: Getting this baby out of my body. Having everything I need for the baby. Not being in pain like this.


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