pregnancy update: 33 weeks

How far along: 33 weeks

Weight gain: 23.5 lbs.

Sleep: As I told Jonathan “sleep is like a triathlon that I never get to train for and spend all day dreading.” Between getting up to pee 4-6 times a night, waking up nauseated in the middle of the night, and only being able to sleep on each side for about 15 minutes at a time before pain sets in, sleep is proving to be a battle that I truly dread all day. On the plus side, my body seems to be acclimating to functioning on little sleep which I’ll benefit from once babe is born.

Highs of the week: Hm…physical therapy twice a week seems to be making a difference and the pain in my pelvis is getting more manageable. Babe flipped his wiggly butt over to the left side which has given my gallbladder some much needed relief. Ultimately I’ve been feeling more cheerful than depressed which is great.

Lows of the week: No real lows to write about other than a bad 4 hour gallstone attack Friday night.

Baby movement: As I said, he’s flipped to the left side which is great. He’s starting to feel cramped in there and doesn’t seem too pleased with it. He’s a kicker and a puncher. He likes to stretch out like his daddy and thinks he can force more room in there…which can be rather painful at times.

Food cravings: Strawberries.

Labor signs: Nope.

Overall mood: Well, we just went through another Full Moon so my moods were rather erratic the past few days. Happy, sad, pissed, nostalgic, lonely, cheerful, motivated, repeat…

Looking forward to: Holding my baby for the first time.


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