pregnancy update: 35 weeks

How far along: 35 weeks

Weight gain: 25 lbs.

Processed with VSCO with t1 preset
Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

Sleep: Okay. I guess I’m getting used to the discomfort and though peeing and changing positions regularly wake me up I’m able to instantly fall be into a deep sleep in the in-between. I’ve also noticed I’ve been staying up later, unintentionally, and waking up earlier. I used to pass out around 9:30-10 but lately it’s closer to 11-midnight and I used to awake at 8 but lately I wake with the sun…and lay there meditating for about an hour until it’s time for me to start the day. I like this.

Highs of the week: I hate to say it but I don’t feel there have been any. Perhaps a lot of little good moments sprinkled in but mostly the days feel very heavy and I struggle to get through them.

Lows of the week: My physical therapist told me that since I’m still in terrible pain there’s not much else she can do for me. She said most women feel better by now but I actually feel worse and find my PT exercises to be increasingly more difficult. On top of that, I tripped over my damn psycho cat and made my hip pain even worse…by far. Now, while I used to be able to get basic things done like dishes and cooking, I can’t do anything. This spiraled me into another fit of deep depression and I was in bed crying/pouting from 4:30pm friday until 2pm saturday. I’m on the other side of my sadness though and trying to focus on the things I can still do, while sitting, and not the things I can’t. I just hope all of this will go away when baby boy comes…and I hope he’s not late.

Baby movement: I love this boy. So, fucking, much. He kicks a lot still. Midwife said he’s growing great and his heartbeat is sticking around 150 bpm. His head is locked and loaded as low as it’ll go (I’m officially waddling) and yesterday morning he finally flipped his big butt back to the left side again, relieving my gallbladder some. I really pray he stays to the left both for my gallbladder’s sake and because it’s the best position for vaginal delivery.

Food cravings: Been pigging out on frozen fruit, smoothies, and frozen berries in yogurt. I’m on a big sweet potato toast kick which is fun. There are endless topping possibilities, both sweet or savory (naturally I prefer sweet).

Labor signs: I’m having about 6-8 braxton hicks per hour for about a week now, which my midwife says is awesome. It’s so neat watching my body get ready for labor now that I’m in the homestretch.

Overall mood: As mentioned above I spent a couple days super down and depressed. For the most part my moods have been rather somber and emotional. I keep crying for no reason…seriously…no reason. I’ll be driving to work and suddenly realize my face is covered in tears and literally be surprised because I didn’t know I was crying…

Looking forward to: Holding my baby for the first time. All my family that’s coming to visit in April, I’ve missed my mama so, so much during this time.


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