a note to my readers

I know a lot of people I don’t know read this blog, and I also know a lot of other pregnant women read the blog.

I just want to first say thank you for your continued interest in my words and emotions and feelings. It’s nice to know my manic preggo emotions aren’t scaring people off. And secondly, I just want to make it clear to my pregnant readers, or the women who read this with a plan to one day be pregnant, that one thing I have learned throughout this pregnancy is that there is no “normal pregnancy” and it is entirely impossible to predict how yours will turn out. I never anticipated the physical pains I would feel or the emotional curve balls life sent my way. Some people have very easy pregnancies with little to no physical pains or complications. So, please, continue to appreciate my honesty but also take it with a grain of salt and by all means: do not ever compare your pregnancy to anyone else’s.


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