pregnancy update: 37 weeks, 5 days

How far along: Almost 38 weeks

Processed with VSCO with t1 preset
Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

Weight gain: 26 lbs.

Sleep: Ha. I was hopeful last night because my midwife told me to start taking this fizzy magnesium drink before bed in addition to the liquid CalMag I’ve been taking. She said it’ll knock me out. Ha. It made me really comfy and relaxed but I never got into the heavy, deep sleep I miss so much.

Highs of the week: Finding out the baby will likely come early, and by early I mean any day now. Finally getting the car cleaned on the inside and the car seat installed. My birthday brunch with my Taos ladies and birthday dinner with my husband.

Lows of the week: Finding out the baby will likely come early, and by early I mean any day now. This caused an emotional tear streaked hyperventilating panic attack because I don’t feel ready. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not stressing about labor/delivery. I’m stressing because I don’t have any of my ducks in a row, can’t get my ducks in a row because of body pain, must depend on Jonathan to get said ducks in a row, and then fighting against the fear that he won’t do it all in time. I was really banking on having a week a with my MIL here before baby comes so that she can dive in and assist with all the final touches. But, who knows…maybe he’ll prove us all wrong and be late.

Baby movement: He’s trying to headbutt his way out and it’s a combination of startling and painful. He also turns his head back and forth and up and down which feels weird considering his head is basically in my vagina right now. He occasionally pushes his knees against my right side but it’s not intense or consistent like it used to be.

Food cravings: Lo mein. Egg rolls. Fresh fruit salad. WATERMELON.

Labor signs: Still braxton hicks throughout the day and night, but not painful yet.

Overall mood: Overwhelmed. Irritable. Impatient. Feisty. Scared. Sad.

Looking forward to: Having my ducks in a row and my mother in law here.


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  1. Honestly Julia, try not to panic.. I was told the same thing and was 2 weeks late with both children! Plus, the baby really doesn’t need much the 1st weeks! Car seat yes! diapers, and a small place to sleep with some clothes..My 2nd child slept in a shaker laundry basket, (square shaped), lined with a nice quilting sides my Mom did and a tiny mattress and of course blankets. It was the dead of winter in upstate NY. Rest as much as you can now.. I know you will do well!


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