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I’ve never been good at holding back my opinions. I don’t like a filtered world where being “politically correct” rules. The mind is an incredible, and powerful, organ that we only somehow manage to use 10% of. So why would I limit that 10% by worrying about what others think of my opinions, feelings, thoughts…?

I don’t derive comfort from looking at and reading about “perfect” lives. I don’t fall for that hashtag #blessed that gives a lopsided view of reality.

Show me your messy rooms, dirty showers, fridge with food rotting in tupperware, and tell me about the fights and the hurts and the struggles. These are the things that bring me comfort and remind me that I am not alone. The messes and the struggles coupled with the desire and search for happiness and higher (inner) power is the reality I want to see and is the reality that can bring us together.

If all we do is show the pretty then the world will forever stay divided because we are living in a bubble of falsity and mirages.

This blog started out private as a place where I can really let loose with my ups and downs. I was scared to let others see this reality of my life. Scared of the judgments I might receive for being viewed as a “whiner” or “holier than thou” or an “irrational bitch.” But you know what? Sometimes I am all those things. Sometimes I need to be and sometimes I can’t help it. The ups and down and struggles and highs that I write about are what being human is.

This is my blog so yes, I will pretty much always just talk about myself, but maybe that will bring someone comfort.

julia sumner

Here are the surface facts:

Early 30s female, married with a son on the way, husky owner, cat owner, small business owner (Milestone Leather), living in Taos, New Mexico, loves historical fiction audio books, baking pies, and drama films.

And then here are the deep facts:

I love to push myself to the limit of my abilities both physically and spiritually. I have a strong belief in the interconnected power of our bodies and minds. I’m constantly trying to push past that low 10% of the brain they say we use and explore the infinite possibilities of the other 90%. I’m also a firm believer in the power of our thoughts. If we are pessimistic and negative thus will be our lives and what we are dealt. If we are optimistic and positive thus, too, will be our lives. I’ve seen this first hand time and time again.

I am a Pisces sun, Taurus rising, and Leo moon. I am a Chinese year of the Tiger. My spirit animals are the Wolf and the Snake. I’m also an INFP in the Myers Briggs Personality Test. And I am primarily a Vata body type in the Ayurvedic  Dosha system with a hefty pinch of Pitta. That basically covers the rest of who I am…