there’s a term for it: antenatal depression.

I’ve been shifting. I haven’t written since Thanksgiving because I’ve been spiraling like I’ve never spiraled before. I’ve been depressed. Scary depressed sometimes, often times. I’ve felt entirely alone and totally terrified and for the first time I haven’t felt able to talk about these feelings because I can’t find one singular cause. I know … More there’s a term for it: antenatal depression.


Today is Thanksgiving. My in laws are in town, since last Friday. They’ll be here soon. Jonathan is at work. I’m here enjoying a peaceful morning alone at home able to meditate on this past week without interruption. The chaos of cooking will begin in a couple hours when my in laws arrive. This week … More thanksgiving

more on pregnancy

WARNING: This is a whining post! I’m about 18.5 weeks along now and seriously starting to show. I’m in that awkward stage where you can’t tell if I’m pregnant or if I just drank way too much beer over Halloween weekend. None of my pants fit but maternity pants are too big still, as are … More more on pregnancy